A perishable product business should have cooler bags, especially in summer.Some of these packaging products, called passive refrigerators, are becoming increasingly popular daily. Why shouldn’t they be?

Cooler bags are a great promotional tool, from employee appreciation gifts to giveaway prizes to everyday retail purchases.

What Are Cooler Bags?

Cooler bags are reusable bags made of high insulation with extra features to preserve food quality and temperature.These bags serve two major functions: keep out excess moisture and maintain temperature.

The insulation is typically non-woven and comes with layers of insulation. If you want more protection, you can always increase the insulation layer. Cooler bags can also be made of heavier materials like high-density polyester to provide more structure.

Many accessories, such as zips, snap buttons, and heat-pressed points, can be used with cooler bags.

These bags are extremely popular, making transporting perishables easy and hassle-free. They can also be used almost anywhere. Coolers can be used in restaurants, gourmet food stores, butcher shops, and seafood shops.


There are many advantages to switching to cooler bags for your store’s packaging. Here are our top five.

Spill-proof Food Storage:  We have spill-proof food storage so that your items will be safe in the event of a spillage.

Clean up: Accidents happen. Use a napkin to clean the bag. It’s easy.

Sustainability: Our cooler bags use the same materials as our reusable ones. We care deeply about the environment and do our part to reduce single-use plastics.

Opportunities for Reuse: Let your customers have their logo printed on a cooler bag. It’s almost guaranteed that they will use it again when they go on their next cottage vacation or out on a BBQ. It is a long-lasting public relations campaign!

Economical: They look expensive even though they are affordable.

What Cooler Bag Can You Use To Keep Food Army?

This is a basic trick that many people don’t know. But you can use cooler bags to keep food warm. A cooler bag can also be used for warmth. This is a great idea if you are bringing a hot dish to a party and need to maintain the temperature or want to warm up your lunch. A cooler bag will keep things warm longer than a cooler bag.

Pre-heating your cool bag is a good idea to keep it warm. Hot water can be used to heat your cooler bag. You will need to heat the insulation by leaving the hot water in for around 30-120 minutes. This period depends on how long you have. This will allow your cooler bag to do a better task of keeping your food hot.

What Is The Difference Between An Insulated And A Non-Insulated Bag?

Depending on the kind, you can tell the difference between a non-insulated and an insulated bag. When it comes to exterior textiles, you have many alternatives. Vinyl, Nylon, and Supernatural Paper are examples of them. If the bag is not insulated, the food within will be exposed to outside temperatures. Insulation serves as a layer of insulation. It protects food from heat and cold and keeps it fresher for longer.

It might take some time to figure out which bag is ideal for you. However, unlike restaurant and grocery store consumers, you will not utilize these bags for heavy-duty reasons. Non-insulated bags will provide less protection for perishable products.