The majority of guys crave a huge penis. After all, a large penis symbolizes manliness and is a physical representation of the testosterone-laden strength of the masculine body. While a huge penis is a totemic representation of virility, strength, and power… the average penis size may surprise you.

Although six inches has long been viewed as the typical male penis length, facts show that the real amount is 5.1 – 5.5 inches.

While inflated boasts of considerably above-average penis lengths are nothing new, there is still hope for guys who believe they fall short. This post will discuss strategies on how to obtain natural penis development.

The Most Effective Natural Penis Enlargement Methods

Before delving into some of the natural penile development methods, it is crucial to understand that the majority of these procedures are just temporary and that the only option to permanently enhance penis size is through surgery.

Aside from surgery, which is a highly intrusive alternative, here are some of the greatest procedures, exercises, and applications for temporarily enlarging the penis.

Exercising Your Limbs

Stretching, like almost every other penile enlargement exercise, causes micro-tears in the tissue of the afflicted area, and the healing process can assist to increase the girth of the penis. Penis workouts can also aid to increase the length of the penis by drawing blood to it.

To do a penis growth workout, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by getting into a semi-erect position.
  2. Apply lubrication for increased comfort, but keep in mind that the aim of extending the penis is not masturbation.
  3. Make a circle by linking the tips of your index and middle fingers.
  4. Gently apply pressure to the penis shaft within the circle you’ve produced by linking the tips of your finger and thumb.
  5. Stroke the penis shaft gently in a milking motion, releasing pressure as you reach the crown of the penis head. The stroking action should be done at a constant tempo.
  6. Let go and return your index finger thumb circle to the shaft’s base, then repeat the process. Your penile stretching should not last more than 20 minutes.

Pumps For The Penis

A penis pump, like other natural penile augmentation treatments, is a penis enlargement device meant to promote blood flow. The results of the penile pump are encouraging, assisting in temporarily boosting the girth and size of the penis. Sexual arousal must be maintained to retain the effects of a pumping device.

It is positioned over the penis and utilizes suction to suck blood into the penis, allowing a man to obtain an erection. It is also known as a vacuum pump. Although using these erection aids will not permanently expand the size of the penis, they will help you get a stronger, harder erection.

Exercises For The Pelvic Floor

Also known as Kegels, completing exercises and penis yoga for your pelvic floor muscle group boosts blood flow to the cavities of your penis, resulting in a firm erection. Strengthening these muscles may eventually result in firmer erections since enhanced circulation in the pelvic floor area allows for an increase in the quantity of accessible blood to the corpora cavernosa, two chambers spanning the length of the penis that engorge with blood following sexual stimulation. Because the pressure in these chambers causes an erection, Kegels that increase the quantity of accessible blood to the region assist in efforts to stimulate natural penis development.

Here are the step-by-step directions for practicing Kegels:

  • Find your pelvic muscles. For males, this can be achieved by pretending to prevent passing gas or pretending to stop urinating.
  • Practice using contractions. Lie on your back and feel your pelvic muscles tense. Increase the length of your contractions gradually, starting with 3 to 5 seconds of contraction followed by 3 to 5 seconds of relaxation. Rep this cycle ten times.
  • Maintain your other muscles’ relaxation. Allow your pelvic muscle contraction to not extend to your buttocks.
  • Extend the time. Build up to 10-second contractions.
  • Practice. Be consistent in your workout routine, aiming for 30 to 40 contractions per day.

Strong pelvic floor muscles can help you create a more powerful, firm erection and can help you avoid the repercussions of incontinence.