As is the case with any investment, you want to ensure that your roller shutters continue to function well for as long as possible after you have made the initial purchase. Roller shutters are an excellent investment in the safety of your home or place of business. You won’t have as much cause for concern as you may think regarding Perth roller shutters because they are inherently strong (after all, that’s part of their appeal!). Despite this, a relatively minor amount of upkeep and attention might result in a significant impact. There are five things that you can do to extend the life of your roller shutters, and we have them all lined up for you:

1. Make Sure That Your Shutters Are Cleaned Consistently

Since your shutters are going to be protecting your property from the weather, it is only natural that they are going to end up covered with a little bit of filth and dirt along the way. Over time, dust and grime can cause damage, particularly if it gets caught up in the tracks or under the bottom bar.

This is especially true if the tracks are not cleaned regularly. If you give them a once-weekly once-over with a damp cloth, they should remain clean and in good operating order with just that much maintenance. This is also an excellent moment to give them a once over to check for any more severe damage or any sign that there was an effort to break in.

2. Ensure That Your Shutters Are Clear Of Any Impediments At All Times

Always be sure there aren’t any obstacles in the way before lowering a roller shutter. If you try to close your shutter on even a small thing, it may cause harm to your equipment. If the shutter develops even a tiny buckle, it will become more difficult to bring down and may become stuck.

If this happens, you should get it fixed as soon as possible; utilizing the shutter while it is in this state could cause further damage. After a storm, it is especially important to check for potential blockages, as twigs and branches may have been thrown in a different direction.

3. Keep Roller Shutters In The Down Position When Windy

Roller shutters provide an excellent amount of protection from the wind when they are rolled down, however, this protection is only provided when the shutters are being employed. In a residential situation, not only will they protect your windows from damage, but they will also become more sturdy and resistant to damage on their own.

4. Ensure That They Are Properly Lubricated

Because they function so well when they are originally installed, it is simple to forget to lubricate your shutters when necessary. However, with time, a shutter that has not been oiled might become more rigid, making it more difficult to open. And when this occurs, you either put additional pressure on the motor or risk causing further damage to the shutter by forcibly opening and closing it (if you do this manually) (if using an electric roller shutter).

5. Have Your Shutters Inspected

The correct operation of your shutters can be helped by having them serviced on an annual basis. Your expert will be able to identify and fix problems before they become serious, as well as provide information on maintenance and assist in keeping your motor in good operating order. Even though service calls are a tiny investment in comparison to the cost of replacing a shutter or, even worse, experiencing a break-in because one of your shutters is broken, many individuals make the decision not to schedule them.