Your website is often the first contact people have with your brand. You want that first impression to be positive. It is important to ask the right questions before you hire a web developer. You will have a greater chance of finding someone who shares your vision and can deliver the website and user experience that you desire.

These are 10 questions to ask a web developer before hiring.

1. Did You Ever Work On Projects That Had Similar Goals To Mine?

Your developer won’t be able to see what you envision. It is important to ensure that your developer understands what you want and can implement a process around it. You’re going to have problems if your developer isn’t familiar with e-commerce sites or hasn’t worked on many of them.

2. How Does Your Research Flow?

Your site should be easy to navigate for consumers. Your developer didn’t do their job if they leave confused. Did they do enough research on your target audience to know who to appeal to? Are they familiar with your brand and identity? It is important to go the extra mile to answer these questions to build a website that accurately represents you.

3. What Is The Average Time It Takes To Complete A Web Development Project From Start To Finish?

You should set a deadline for the completion of your website. It is important to work with someone who can finish your project in that timeframe. Different developers have different deadlines.

4. What Services Are Offered?

Different developers offer different packages and services. You have to decide which package is right for you. Do they use SEO techniques? What are their design capabilities? Are they able to offer social media services? You can make a list of all the services that you would like to be included in your agreement.

5. How Does Your SEO Strategy Look?

How can your developer use search engine optimization to get your website ranked in search engines? What will they do to increase their visibility? It’s better to choose another option if your developer doesn’t intend to use keyword research and other optimization strategies for your business’s lead generation and engagement.

6. Are You A Part Of Content Marketing Program?

Your web developer may create a website for your business, but that doesn’t guarantee it will generate leads, convert visitors or increase ROI. Ask your web developer if content marketing is included in their package.

7. What Is The Cost Of A Project With This Scope?

Each developer has a different rate. Do your research before you commit to a budget and what you are willing to pay. Do not choose the cheapest developer you can find. You will end up with a site you don’t like. It is better to invest in a quality job than to save money and end up paying more lately.

8. Are You More Likely To Outsource Or Do You Complete The Project In-House?

Sometimes, a web designer or agency might offer multiple services, such as content marketing or social media packages, but they don’t have the staff necessary to complete the project. They outsource the work to third parties, which can lead to project delays, poor communication, and additional costs.

9. What Is The Timeline For This Project?

It can be hard to predict how long a web design project will take. This is especially true if there are changes in the scope or major edits that need to be made. You will lose out on potential clients and customers if you take longer to build a website.

10. How Many Design Revisions Can I Make?

Working with third parties means that their first draft of the project may not be your favorite. To limit project creep, many web developers and agencies allow for a certain number of revisions during the approval process.