Malta is a destination that is full of activities, so you never run out of ideas.

The following experiences can be enjoyed on a luxurious holiday in Malta, but you should enjoy the finer aspects of life. Keep reading for more details!

1. Spa Day

You can’t get more relaxing than spending a day at the spa to rid yourself of jetlag and prepare for an unforgettable vacation. If you feel like this is your thing, then make your way to a luxury spa located in the exotic location in Malta.

Spain Malta is well-known for its exceptional service, remarkable treatments, and use of world-class products. They also offer stunning views of the coast below.

2. Charter a Private Boat

Charter a Private BoatHire a yacht or private boat and sail around the Maltese Islands. You’ll be able to see the breathtaking sights of Malta and enjoy the peacefulness of being right in the middle.

Blue Lagoon (or Crystal Lagoon), Mgarr Ix-Xinyi (or San Blas), and St. Paul’s Islands are just some of the breathtaking destinations you’ll discover.

However, the experience comes at a high price. The average cost for traveling in a group is much higher if you want to have the best experience. However, the package might also includerefreshments, fuel, insurance, and a skipper.

3. Enjoy the “The Malta Experience”

The Malta Experience, an audio-visual adventure that takes you through 7000 years of Malta’s rich history, is fun and educational as well as entertaining. People leave the show feeling excited to explore Malta’s best attractions.

The best thing is that the audio-visual spectacle takes place in a St. Elmo Bastions auditorium. This auditorium was designed specifically for this purpose. This audio-visual spectacle will help you gain a better appreciation of this island and its inhabitants.

4. Dinner in The Sky

Ever enjoyed a five-course meal suspended at 40 meters above the ground? That’s what you can expect when you participate in Malta’s Night in the Sky. You’ll get breathtaking views from all sides of the table, and it takes place right in Malta.

The experience is both thrilling and enjoyable. Diners are served a selection of fine wines from all over the world and delectable food.

Safety is also not a concern as the entire event team has decades of experience running it and have never had an incident. All will be safe as long that you listen to the instructions and take all necessary precautions.

5. Caviar and Bull will indulge your inner foodie

Caviar & Bull, a famous restaurant in St. Julian’s, offers an unforgettable dining experience. This exclusive eatery overlooks St. George’s Bay and contains several luxury residences.

6. Palazzo Parisio Luxury Tea Experience

This palace is regal and baroque-style, where you can sip tea like royalty. In addition to the peaceful surroundings and world-class tea, there are many treasures from its past that reveal the lavish lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Palazzo Parisio will make you feel like royalty again.

7. Helicopter Tour

With a helicopter flight, you can see Malta from above. The audio guide provides the information through a headset.

Depending upon your preferences, the experience may include limousine rides to and from the airport. Many service providers will also record the entire event so that you have a lasting memory to show loved ones.

8. Go Horse Riding in Golden Bay

Golden Bay in Malta is named after the soft, golden sands of the area. These sands are found along the beautiful and unspoiled Maltese countryside.

It’s no surprise that the views from riding horseback are stunning, particularly when they’re taken at sunset. This makes for an unforgettable experience.