Glass verandas are quickly becoming a must-have item for UK homeowners wanting to make the most of their outside space. Following yet another shutdown, the home improvement industry has proven its resilience with a change in how consumers use their interior and outdoor spaces.

What better way to update the look of your house than with a Glass Veranda? Our glass roofs are designed to fit seamlessly into any building’s framework, and practically any design is feasible. So, let your imagination run wild and design the one-of-a-kind place you wish.

A veranda allows you to enjoy your patio or terrace even when the weather isn’t cooperating. You may have a lovely garden, but it would be hard to utilise all year due to the elements. How often have you been sitting outside when an unexpected downpour caused you to go inside?

Another significant advantage of installing a Glass Veranda is its outdoor lifestyle. With summer quickly approaching, you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy mealtimes outside with your family or cocktails with friends late into the evening. Let’s be honest: we could all use that right now!

As more homeowners choose to have substantial Patio Awnings or sliding doors put in their homes, they should consider how to make the best use of them. A glass veranda bridges the gap inside and out and is an ideal extension to a living room or kitchen.

Glass doors may be added to create a complete glass room for individuals who want a bit of extra security.

Why Should You Go For A Glass Room?

A glass room, not to be confused with a conservatory or extension, provides a place to relax in an outside setting. Ideal for both household and commercial uses and built for individuals who wish to maximise light and solar gain during the day while looking at the sky, throwing parties, or relaxing in comfort at night.

In recent years, there has been a meteoric growth in interest in glass garden rooms in the UK; as usual, trends emanate from the continent, where our European counterparts have long enjoyed their small glass havens.

A glass room by Open Space Concepts, with its clean lines and timeless aesthetics, can be erected as a freestanding module or as a wall-mounted variation, combining intelligent design with gorgeous architecture.

There are several choices and alternatives for customising a glass room to fit your home, including customised forms and sizes, doors, LED lighting, glass types, and more. This finally implies that there is something for everyone, based on their preferences and practical needs.

As the name implies, the primary advantage of a glass room is that there is so much glass and just the necessary aluminium framework. Consequently, you receive stunning unobstructed views of your surroundings while sitting in supreme luxury.

Most significantly, a glass room allows you to enjoy your patio, terrace, or outside space even when the weather isn’t cooperating. With many house owners investing in huge bi-folding or sliding doors, a glass room may serve as an ideal transitional zone between inside and out.