This piercing may be called a “belly button piercing”, but it isn’t. Most navel punctures are located above the belly button. These piercings can puncture your skin and fat as well as the cartilage. The jewelry rests above your belly button. This is one piercing that is very risky and requires little pain.

Nubile piercing does not have to be for the beach. Women of all ages, and different body types, choose to wear belly button jewelry. This being said, your belly button’s shape is very important. You can have a great belly button if you have more skin around the navel. This means that your body is less likely to reject the piercing.

Belly Button Bars

If you’re looking to make something more, belly button bars could be a perfect choice. These eye-catching pieces come with two balls, one shaped or patterned and the other a curved part. The bar is inserted into a piercing above a naval. An intricate or plain design (up to your choice) drops down to completely cover the belly button.

Belly Buttons Rings

The look of a belly button ring may be similar to the hoop you might wear in your ear. There are some subtle differences. To prevent jewelry from getting caught on objects, you can use captive rings. The metal is generally thicker than your typical earring hook. Some navel rings are also designed with intricate gems or designs that make the ring more noticeable. You can purchase rings with a clicker mechanism. This allows you to insert it without having the head removed.

Eyebrow Piercing-Hinged Rings

Your eyes can be the windows to your heart. Your eyebrows are your curtains. Brow piercing is an effective way to draw your attention to the eyes, but without making it too dramatic. The hinged eyebrow rings look like an ear-hoop. A segmented hinged metal ring secures the ring. The ring opens to about one-third of its width. A hinged is the best way to add dimension to your skin. It’s not distracting from your features but is very eye-catching.

Labret Piercings

A labret is a piercing that punctures the central part of your lower jaw. It is very popular among both men and ladies. Many people mistake it for a lip tattoo. However, this isn’t the case. The standard labret-piercing goes on the skin under your lip. As such, there is only one bead visible on the outside side of your mouth.

The typical labret setup includes the bead (the flat part at the back piercing), disk (the disk), and barbell (the middle short section that passes through your lip, connecting to the bead). Another option is to have a vertical barbell pierced. This goes through one’s lip and offers comfort. The vertical labret allows you to see both sides. This involves perforating and removing the lower lip.

A horizontal labret perforation is composed of two punctures that are made horizontally along the lower portion. The beads are placed adjacent to each other and are separated by a minimum of one or two centimeters.

However, most piercings do not go through the nose horizontally. There are some vertical and angle options. If you have a low threshold for pain, this may not be the best choice. This could cause some tenderness and discomfort for a few hours.

Nipple Bars

Two designs of nipple bar are available: one on each side (a “head”, and one on the “tail”. This is the most popular type of nipple jewelry. Bars can be worn under clothing for those who prefer subtlety. They are less likely to move around than rings or clickers, which can lead to quicker healing times. It is also easier to accidentally hit or pull on a nibble bar.

Nipple Rings

Nipple rings are similar to ear hoop shapes. They can be either simple or decorative, depending upon your preference. Many are captive bead rings. They’re held in place using a ball and jewel or pretty design. You also have seamless rings, which can be made with clasps that do not completely close. Hinged clicker rings have a clicker mechanism which means that the bead or ball doesn’t need to be removed when inserting it. Segment rings offer a seamless look since it’s difficult to see where the clasp is. can sell nipple captive rings which are traditionally used for this area.

Clickers By Nipple

The latest trend is to use a hinged barre to hold the jewelry in position. After being threaded into your body, the clasp clicks or snaps shut. Because they’re bigger than nipple rings or bars, Nipple Clickers stand out more under your shirt. Designs often include intricate filigree patterning and bright jewels.