A love egg is a small, egg-shaped vibrator. Just like a Kegel ball, you insert the egg into your vagina. You will usually find a dangling tail or string to make it easier to remove and, in some cases, a remote that allows you to control vibration patterns as the egg is inserted. Some have their mobile app! Technology is exciting. They are usually quiet, waterproof, and rechargeable.

While love eggs aren’t new in the sex toy world, they aren’t often given the attention that they deserve. They can take intercourse to a whole new level (yes, you can do it during sex! Foreplay, and intercourse. However, oral sex is where they shine).

What does an egg vibrating with vibrating have to do with oral sex? This might be your question. All the details are available here. Here’s how to make your oral sex more fun with a love egg. This is the revolution. You heard it here first.

Love eggs are low-key and the unsung heroes of intensifying pleasure. They are rarely discussed.

A muted vibration offers a subtler pulsation than regular vibrators which have a stronger vibration. Wearing love eggs can increase arousal. They will help you become more aware of your deep pleasure centers (the internal clitoris), and may even lead to you becoming closer to orgasm. Expert said that eggs come in different sizes. If you prefer a fuller feeling, you can select a larger egg.

Oral sex with love eggs: A match made in paradise

You can increase your partner’s sexual experience by using love eggs during oral sex. This will allow for deeper and more satisfying orgasms. A love egg is smaller and bulkier than larger vibrators. It pops directly inside the vagina leaving the whole vulva open, ready to be popped into your mouth.

Expert suggests that you place the egg on your partner’s outside vaginal canal, before warming it up. While the egg rests on you’re mons pubis, place your tongue on the lumbs. Next, place the egg into the vaginal opening. The tongue should be in contact with the clitoris.

After the egg is inserted, you can continue your business as usual. You will know that the egg was inside and can handle the deeper vibrations. This allows you to have oral sex without the need for multitasking.

Expert states that the hanging tail can add excitement. You can bend the tail so your partner can get to the sensitive areas of the clitoris, the clitoral hood, and the vulva. You can also gently tug at the tail, or rock the tailback and forth to increase sensation against the vaginal openings and G-spot.

With your tongue, focus on the external elements. It can be moved in circles, a figure-8 motion, up and down, or in circles. Be sure to ask your partner before engaging in oral sex. Every vulva has different anatomy.

Love eggs can be a fun way to add more pleasure to your sexual life. They can bring an element to the sex, push your partner towards orgasm, allow you to look at your partner’s body without having to touch it, and add an element of public excitement and surprise.