For the first time, marketers embarking on SEM or search engine marketing campaigns can be overwhelming. Where to allocate their marketing budget – SEO [search engine optimization] or PPC [Paid per click]? It is confusing!

What exactly are SEO and PPC?

The search engine result page is divided into PPC ads and organic SEO results. According to a survey, SEO organic results gain 70% clicks, while PPC ads receive 30% clicks.

SEO is the process of creating a website that ranks top on SERPs [search engine result pages] for target keywords. In PPC, the advertiser bids on specific keywords relevant to their ads for attaining top positions.

Australian Internet Advertising is an SEO Sydney agency popular for transforming your web design into a money-making machine. Google guidelines are adhered to and their SEO experts are familiar with the difference between PPC and SEO. According to them users clicking on SEO results are looking for solutions before making a purchase decision, while users clicking on PPC ads have already decided to buy. SEO is a strategic online marketing approach, while PPC is a tactical, quick response setup.

How do SEO and PPC differ?

Placement – SEO is displayed in SERPs main body, while PPC ads are displayed as ‘sponsored links’ on top & bottom of the result page. Organic search results comprise every webpage that the search engine detects to be relevant to the search term. PPC reveals a directed SEM campaign and can reveal results in a specific geographical region or on specific timing or to specific demographics.

Promotion outcomes – In organic SEO, it can take several weeks or months for a new web page or website to show on the result page because search bots take time to index a site. Nevertheless, SEO is a long-term effort, while PPC gives an initial traffic boost. It is helpful during the new website launch, which is not still appearing on organic searches. When the budget of the PPC campaign turns nil the paid traffic instantly stops, which is not possible in SEO.

Acuity – In an SEM campaign, organic search results are perceived as unbiased and have a high level of trustworthiness. Organic SEO ranking is based on paid relevancy to keywords, while PPC positioning is based on bidding – the more the better. In both, PPC and SEO top positions on SERPs are more trusted by users and attract more clicks.

Price – Both SEO and PPC have initial setup costs and ongoing fees if a professional SEO agency is hired. With SEO there is hardly any pay per click cost but the expense involved in the fees you pay professionals for their efforts. With PPC, there is an ongoing cost, which means a greater budget is equivalent to more website traffic.

Which one to select – SEO or PPC?

SEO is for any kind of business that desires to create and maintain a potent online presence for a long time in a cost-effective way. PPC is for those who desire fast visibility boost. Both marketing techniques can be used together as they are capable to enhance credibility and brand awareness as well as attract prospects. For any kind of SEM campaign you choose, it is recommended to hire professionals to manage your online marketing campaign.