Make a gel candle using a glass jar, glass beverage glass, or any wax inserts. You can choose the density of gel wax based on how strong your scent is (low density = 0, 3%, medium-density = 4–4%, and high density = 5–5%). Use a gel-compatible scent and a liquid color dye to add color. Use a compatible wick for gel candles. Candle making kits for beginners helps beginners in making of candles. Follow all instructions for temperature and pouring of your gel candle.


Gel candles can be difficult to make so gather all the necessary materials and tools to get started.

Pouring Pots

These are necessary to pour your liquid wax into the containers or molds.


This important tool is indispensable in any candle shop.

Glue Dots

These little gadgets help keep your wick in place when pouring the wax.

Wax Embeds

Aussie Candle Supplies offers a wide range of wax embeds that can be used with standard gels. They are not compatible with the Clear Container Base.


A book that is well-written and includes safety precautions will be a great reference tool.

To create the most beautiful candles, please follow all safety guidelines and general instructions.

Step 1: Select the right gel

Making gel candles requires different materials for each type. Gel candles can be made without the use of any additives. Here are the ingredients you will need to make gel candles:

CG-1 Low-Density Gel

It can hold between 0-3% fragrances. Allows for maximum flame pool

Medium Density Gel

It can hold between 0-4% fragrances. This is the most commonly used gel.

High-Density Gel

It can hold between 0-5% fragrances.

Step 2: Selecting the Scents

When making gel candles, you need to use fragrances that are not polar and have a flashpoint of 170 degrees F. Other fragrances may migrate from the gel, causing problems. All candle fragrances compatible with gel are marked with.

Step 3: Color Gel Candles

Only liquid colors are recommended for gel candles. Other dyes that are wax-based can make the gel cloudy. Gel candles can be made with very little dye. One ounce of dye can be used to color approximately 100 pounds worth of gel. Our pre-made color strips are available for clear containers (CCB-1). Clear container color squares cannot be used in CG-1 or CG-2.

Step 4: Working With Wicks

Gel candles are more difficult to light because of the high burning temperatures. The proper pre-wick assembly sustainer base is essential. The “neck height” is what holds the wick upright. It is the key component of the sustainer base. The longer neck ensures that the flame does not reach the bottom of the container. View all wick spools with a zinc core

Step 5: Obtaining Glassware

Standard apothecary containers are available in three sizes: 15 oz., 22, oz. You can also get 32 oz. sizes. We are constantly looking for exciting new glassware, so be sure to check out the glassware Section.

Step 6: Assembling Your Gel Candle

You can use any glass container to make your gel candle. There are many options for inserts that you can use to enhance your candle. Paraffin wax can be cut into blocks to make “ice cubes” or embedded in your candle. Wax fruit and wax fruit are also good options. Gel for candles can come in different densities so you will need to choose one that is closest to the scent you want. Choose a non-polar scent with a flashpoint greater than 1700F. To achieve the desired color in your gel candle, choose a liquid candle dye. Also, make sure to select a wick suitable for gel candles. Follow the instructions for the product you are using about the temperature at which your fragrance or dye should be added and the temperature at which your gel candle should be poured.