Many people nowadays are using CBD oil in their daily lives because it has a substance called cannabidiol i.e. CBD. However, users of CBD must also realize that CBD oil will not just contain only CBD. The majority of contents of the bottle are a certain oil that is called base oil or carrier oil.

Therefore, the base oil is certainly a factor that you must take into account. Usually, for producing CBD oil, 2 different base oils are mainly used:

  • Olive oil
  • Hemp seed oil.

When you will cannabisöl kaufen or buy cannabis oil from JustCbdStore, it will also mention which carrier oil that the tincture is using.

What a carrier oil is?

The purpose of carrier oils is to dilute another substance to make it easier for our body to ingest. However, we do not only use certain carrier oils for making CBD comfortable to digest. For example, several essential oils are needed for a carrier for safer application to our skin. Otherwise, there can be certain epidermal irritation.

Whatever carrier oils you may use will share certain common properties. They will have a flavor of light scent. More importantly, they will not interfere with the ability of our body to absorb the substance, which has been mixed into the carrier oil.

What carrier oils are used?

These days, the following oils are used as carrier oils for producing CBD Oil.

  1. Olive oil

It is derived from pressing olives and is regarded as a healthy foodstuff as it is quite rich in antioxidants, monounsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin E. Particularly, the large quantity of unsaturated fat makes olive oil so healthy.

Therefore, olive oil is included in most CBD oils because of its health benefits. In our daily lives, olive oil is used mainly as an addition to our food.

2. Refined olive oil

Refined olive oils are first purified before their use. Due to this, it can result in loss of the taste and color of your olive oil. After the purification process, most of the antioxidants will also go away. Such a type of olive oil will be regarded as refined olive oil.

3. Unrefined olive oil

Usually, unrefined olive oil will be pure olive oil, which has not undergone any purification. This means, it will retain all the important flavors, odor, fat, and all antioxidants. The following olive oils are unrefined olive oils variety.

  • Virgin olive oils
  • Extra virgin olive oils

Both these oils are pressed similarly. The difference between such 2 oils is that the process of pressing for virgin olive oil will not be as strictly regulated as done for extra virgin olive oils.

4. Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is extracted out of the seeds obtained from the hemp plant. This oil does not contain any THC and hence is not psychoactive.

Which base oil will be the best choice?

It will be just your personal choice. Many people probably will be more inclined to look for other aspects while buying CBD oil such as the percentage of CBD, brand, and price as all these are more important factors.