This current pandemic situation has made all our lives trouble-some. Though we are still in the preparation of covid-19 vaccines and medicines, there are certain ways in which CBD can help us in lowering the covid-19 risk. In this article, we would explain to you the link between Covid-19, vitamin D and CBD oil.

What is Covid-19?

This is an infectious disease that has been newly discovered. Many people who have infected, experience mild to moderate respiratory illness which spreads through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when the infected person coughs, sneezes or talks. Especially people with underlying diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases and old aged might develop serious problems.

As we all know vitamin D is very much important to absorb the nutrients like calcium and magnesium which helps to build and strengthen our immune system, a lack of it can cause severity and a higher risk of covid-19 infection. This was found according to a study conducted on over 186 coronavirus patients.

How Vitamin D is useful?

Vitamin D is produced when the sun hits our skin and it is also found in most food and supplements. It is very important for your bone health. The importance of vitamin D was found to regulate the immune system and also has the potential to suppress dangerous cytokine production. Thus, it was proven beneficial for people during the 1989-1919 influenza pandemic.

Reasons for Vitamin D Deficiency?

There are about 41% of elders who are deficient, and even some old-aged group too or people with darker skin. This is mainly due to a lack of sunlight. Also, pollution, smoke and other toxins can interfere with this and cause more problems. hence it becomes important to increase the food intake which is rich in vitamin D and also add up supplements that can get them at optimal range.

What is CBD?

It is called cannabidiol, which is found in the cannabis Sativa plant. it is like any other cannabinoids which are found in the same plant just like THC, but yes it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects when used. It has been found that CBD has been proven beneficial for various health-related problems. It is legally allowed in almost every state, hence you can get them in any retail stores, pharmacies and online sites. If you are looking for CBD bogota shops, then you must surely try the Just CBD store. Their products are all-natural and no added harmful chemicals in them.

How CBD and vitamin D supplements can be helpful?

As the majority of people are Vitamin D deficient, supplements are probably the best way to help through the deficiency. This is because getting enough vitamin D through foods is difficult and especially when people age there is less percentage of vitamin D produced in our body. Thus, supplements can help to get them to the optimal level. CBD oil, on the other hand, has added vitamin D in them, which can help you enjoy the benefits of both nutrients. All you need to use is the 3 drops of the liquid and that’s it.

Of course, you can check with your physician before using this extra CBD supplement.