Maui itself is one of the beautiful places to visit at least once in a lifetime. Though it is not a huge island, but to cover the whole island it would take you half-day drive. It is divided into 4 different regions like the West Maui, South Maui, East Maui, and Central Maui. South Maui has some of the major resort areas, and one of them being Kihei.

Kihei is well-known for its beautiful beachfront areas and budget-friendly options too. it is quite a comfortable place for you to buy your own house there too if you planning to make this place your home. Just look for some condos for sale in Kihei and you can get the best offers for yourself. Try taking the help of Maui Elite Property who can help you get the best homes for the best prices. You can get a list of complexes having the best condos both for short-term and long-term rentals too.

About Beaches and Beach Park

At Kihei, you will find dozens of beaches and oceanfront parks which is the loveliest place for you and your family to enjoy. You can do morning walks around the beach, with afternoon snorkeling, and enjoy the evening sunsets. It is said to be a family place as at the County Beach, you will find picnic tables, restrooms, and many other facilities too. It has six miles long coastline which enhances its beauty.

Access to Other Areas of Maui

When it comes to traveling to the other areas of Kihei, you do have easy access to do it. To travel from the Kahului airport to the North Kihei, it will take around 20 minutes to reach there. Except for the West Maui, which is one of the isolated areas, Kihei makes it easy for you to travel the different locations in the North Shore, Lahaina and Upcountry, Iao valley.

Different Eateries to try for

You will find a variety of eatery options which is going to be the best place for foodies. You will see many fine dining, shave ice booths, food trucks, and the best-known wayside huli huli chicken. We can assure you that you will enjoy every food option here.

Lots of Shops and Activities

Kihei has a huge stretch across the ocean with lots of shopping places, dining, and interesting activities like surfing, snorkeling, and whale watching tours. Whatever you are looking for in Maui, you can find it easily at Kihei.


The climate here is very unstable, as it frequently keeps changing throughout the day. It all depends on where you are on the island. There is a mixture of cooler, hotter, rainy, and windy conditions, all different-on-different areas. Mostly the climate is warm, sunny, and dry. So, it is like if there is rain in some part of Maui, then it will be sunny here in Kihei.

Kihei is a very budget-friendly area, as you might not find any expensive resorts and high-end malls here. Everything is very properly priced including shopping, dining, and accommodations too. Along with short-term accommodations, you can enjoy having cheap long-term accommodation too.